Saturday, January 06, 2007

Connor and Jess prepare!

Compared to Amber's story, Jess and I have had a comparatively easy time. In fact, the most exciting thing I can offer is a picture of our packing-in-progress:

As you can see, we didn't forget the Swedish Fish or the puzzles. We're both making a blitz on Target to pick up appropriate (and in my case, gothic-funky) clothes, but for the most part we're trying to pack as little as possible. A few logistical changes were in order. Instead of havig a Dell laptop delivered to our apartment, as we had planned, we're picking it up in person. Instead of meeting with my peer group twice a month, I'll send them twice weekly emails. And so on. Since I'm not taking classes this semester, I'll be able to work on my novel on the boat. Jess will have to put off her nursing prereq's for a little, but this shouldn't affect our plans to move. Also, since I work as a freelance I can start up again as soon as I get back. Jess was able to obtain an "extended personal leave-of-absence" with little to-do. It's almost scary how smoothly everything has gone.

The hardest difficulty at the moment, actually, is getting the apartment ready for a three-month absence. Our landlord *will* expect rent payments to be made during our absence, and since I can't guarantee mailing from abroad, I've sent a check to my parents to relay each month. I'm leaving our plant with Marco and Scott, so hopefully it gets plenty of water.

Sharky, of course, will be going with us.


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