Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Noel!

Noel is 27 today. :) Happy birthday my love.

We've had a lovely day cruising the warm Tasman Sea. It feels odd to be so close to home when we're halfway through a journey round the world! We all had lunch together and Noel had quite a few beers, acting all "birthday-boy"ish. We just finished a nice quiet family dinner where the girls gave Noel some drawings and handmade little trinkety things. Jess and I and maybe a ocuple of the other girls are going to stay hang out in the suite with Tali and Bea, and Connor's taking Noel for a bit of a boys' "night out". Should be interesting!

(Oh and yes, New Zealand was great. It's a beautiful place. I spent a lot of time in Wellington thinking of all the cool films Peter Jackson's made there and in the surrounding areas. Noel and I managed to visit the Weta headquarters which kinda made me squee with fangirly excitement. And I LOVE the kiwi accent, so it was glorious to be surrounded by it for two days. :) I think I wrote down nearly every word every "New Zehlunduh" said to us!)


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Meridith said...

It's the dawing of the Age of Aquarius on the QEII. ;-)


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