Saturday, January 20, 2007

Acapulco, Birds, and Cruisin' the Ocean

One of the best things about being on this cruise is sleeping in every single day. The last time I slept in for several days in a row was during summer break in high school, before college & gainful employment came along. These past couple of weeks have been wonderful; the sunlight wakes me up, I order freshly made coffee, hang out on the balcony until I'm really awake, and then shower and join everyone else for the day's adventuring.

Yesterday I hung out in Acapulco for a bit, but found that I couldn't keep my feet on land for very long; Amber and Clara saw signs for a Jungle Tour, which is, in fact, a boat tour. We had to catch a taxi to get up to the boat, but it was worth every penny (apparently cab fares are negotiable in Mexico; luckily Amber knew about that beforehand). The tour took us around most of the Laguna Coyuca, and even visited a bird island!

I love birds. A lot.

It was like I was a little kid again, exploring new lands and finding heretofore unknown of creatures. There were storks there- real storks! I also liked the white and black birds (Clara said that they were Avocets), that looked a little like flamingos (to me, at least). Every bird has more beauty and grace in a single feather than I do in my entire body. When the time came to catch a cab back to the ship, I was sad to go. We made it back with only a few minutes to spare, running on board with the last of the straggling passengers.

Today I'm just hanging out on deck, catching up on the news, reading the 6th Dark Tower book, Song of Susannah, and staring out at the water. The clarity and utter blueness of the ocean here continues to amaze me; growing up in Chicago did not prepare me for seeing such vast quantities of beautiful blueness. I can't help but compare this to the Chicago River, with its fish gone belly up, trash collecting at the banks, and normal greenish hue. I love Chicago, and don't want to live anywhere else (and I LOVE dyeing the river green for St. Patrick's Day), but I would also love to see the pollution cleaned up. More on this later; for now, at least, the book calls to me.


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