Saturday, January 06, 2007

New York, New York!

My goodness. What a whirlwind!

Well, we made it here (we being me, my hubby Noel, 4-yr-old Tali and almsot-2-yr-old Bea). The flight here from Sydney was pretty ordinary, not nearly as bad as such a long flight with two small ones in Economy could have been! Hooray for friendly flight attendants and sleepy children!

I'm in a little internet cafe near our hotel (the cheapest hotel we could find anywhere near the dock - I think the hotels round here are all banking on having rich cruise-line customers in droves!) while Noel takes the girls to find something for dinner.

Speaking of rich cruise-line customers - are we the luckiest bunch of people in the world or what? Needless to say, Mr Fushigi is my new favourite person on the planet and I'm feeling incredibly blessed; not only for the offer in the first place, but the fact that as soon as he saw that I have a family it was no problem in the world to include them. There would normally be no way in our wildest dreams we could afford a trip on the QE2... so I guess this is more than our wildest dreams come true! As it is, Noel will have to disembark when we cruise into Sydney (he can't take that much time off work), and I'm pretty nervous about being away from potential work opportunities at home (I'm an actor) but I think anyone would agree, this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Anyway we're here for two nights, hopefully we'll see a bit of New York tomorrow and then on Monday we'll meet up with Connor and Jess (I'm not sure if the others will meet us beforehand or at the ship?) and off we go!

Okay Noel's knocking at the cafe window with takeaway containers so I think it's dinner time. The girls look tired and cranky, hopefully they'll sleep well in the hotel.

(Connor, is that a jar of coffee in your suitcase? What, are you concerned that the QE2 won't have decent coffee? lol)


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