Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Got Sick

About three years ago Gemma and I shared a college apartment with two other girls. Three of us were involved with people named Matthew, and eventually it came to pass that one of them became very ill. The roommate who was assigned to that Matthew stayed by his side and helped him through the illness. Then, when she returned to the apartment, she promptly fell ill with the same thing.

A day later, just as she was feeling better, another roommate got sick. It was a 24 hour bug that felled all four of us within the week. The most vivid memory I have from that time period is a somewhat violent encounter with candied sweet potatoes...

So, when Gemma started to show signs of illness after San Francisco, I knew that another round of fun was about to begin. While the CDC had been on board, they'd provided a lot of information to the passengers about the virus that is going around, including how to treat those of our parties who were sick. As per usual, the treatment was lots of clear fluids, and we were advised to eat only dry foods.

Soon after Gemma was feeling better, I started to feel sick. During the worst of it, it was far worse than the 24 hour bug that Gemma and I had shared three years ago; this actually felt more like the food poisoning I had earlier this year. Gemma stuck around to help keep me hydrated, which was really kind of her (thank you!).

Being sick is disgusting.

Sadly, I missed out on the Honolulu stop, but I was well enough to tour Lahaina. More about that later, though; now it's super fancy happy fun picture time! Below are a few pics from Hollywood & San Francisco:


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