Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Los Angeles, and my baby turns 2...

I can't really think what to say about Los Angeles I do love it and I was right in that the moment I saw the place I wanted to stay there and try my luck in Hollywood. The *idea* of being in the same place as so many of the things and people that inspire me was exciting and almost even overwhelming (I know it sounds weird but I am SO passionate about film, you have no idea how worked up I can get about a good film!).

Obviously, the reality was never going to live up to my lifetime of expectations of the place, but even with the boring reality that L.A. is just another city with plenty of problems, I feel really *wrong* to be leaving it behind. Maybe it's just a stupid fantasy that if I lived there I could "make it" as an actor, or maybe it's a genuine love of the place. I can't really figure it out.

Either way, spending a day there was a big moment for me and I had a great day. We saw all the sights. There are lots of photos of me and the girls sprawling on the ground - on various "stars" and some sets of hand-and-footprints in the concrete. All lots of fun although the various teenage girls that I saw actually *squealing* over Johnny Depp's boot-prints outside Graumann's Theatre kinda made me sick. I just will never understand that kind of fangirly need to treat a real living person like a sideshow.

Anyway, I *will* be back in L.A. one day. Oh yes I will.


Today - well, today, my beautiful baby girl Bea, who is currently sleeping on my lap, had her 2nd birthday.

When I woke up I completely forgot about it (terrible I know!), I was too lost in my dreamy thoughts about being a movie star in L.A. Noel woke up just as I was getting the girls out the door and asked why we weren't doing a birthday thing. So, we did. We gave Bea the couple of presents we've bought along the way - a bracelet from Grand Cayman, a colourful fabric counting toy thing from Panama and a little wooden drum from Mexico. Tali wouldn't stop kissing Bea and saying "it's your birthday! on a boat!".

We found Meridith, Gemma and Clara at breakfast and had pancakes with ice cream in honour of the occasion - not that Bea cared, but us big girls enjoyed it! After a morning swimming and playing round the pool, we met up with everyone again for lunch in the Pavilion. Connor and Noel spent half an hour organising a birthday cake of sorts. The staff apparently thought a birthday cake was a rather big ask but the boys soon sorted them out! So Bea and Tali blew out the two candles on the dish of Peach Crumble (almost a cake! you'd think they'd have whole cakes available round here, but no, it's all wedges of this and portions of that) and then the others surprised us with some beautiful gifts. Gemma had bought some beads in Mexico and made a gorgeous colourful necklace. Jess, Connor and Amber gave her the sweetest Mexican dress and Meridith and Clara found this cute little fabric doll. Thanks so much guys! You've all been so wonderful to Bea and Tali and we really appreciate it.

Then followed some very fun, loud and incredibly "disruptive and disrespectful" game-playing around the pool with all 10 of us! The snobs kept glaring but we just kept playing. We weren't hurting anyone so we figured it did them good to see some people havinga fun time for a little birthday girl. :)

It was a great day, and now I'm exhausted. Noel went to bed early with Tali but I stayed up until now with the others, hanging out in the Funnell Bar. Bea and I had a lovely dance to the tune of (Meridith, Gemma and I singing) "If you're going to San Francisco... be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...."

Definitely time for bed now. Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl.


At 7:05 AM, Blogger Connor said...

Happy Birthday, Bea!


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