Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Needing Sl-eep.

Right after brunch I went back to the stateroom and slept most of the afternoon. Then I woke up, met the others for dinner (more on that later - I had a real meal tonight) and I spent a lot of the evening in the suite reading When the Sacred Ginmill Closes by Lawrence Block. I think Meridith would enjoy it, and if she's scared up The Shining I'm interested in a trade.

On a similar note, I think we're all quickly realizing how grateful we are that Bea and Noel are here. There aren't many kids on this cruise... in fact, I'm 28 and probably about a decade or so younger than the median cruising age, and they bring an energy and freshness to the trip that is distinctly un-choreographed.

Anyway, it we discovered that nobody could sleep last night and miraculously we didn't bump into each other. I'm not really tired now at all, but I have to force myself to sleep. Tomorrow we dock in Ft. Lauderdale, and since I know nothing about the area on arrival (that's a first) I'm looking forward to Gemma bossing me toward all of the most worthwhile sites. She's pretty energetic herself, so that will require a good night's sleep.


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