Saturday, January 13, 2007

A pirates life for me!

Well firstoff, I did spend the first part of the day on the Seven Mile Beach with Sumara and co. There are a couple things I could say. One is disappointing, which is that I couldn't stifle what's basically this thought: "This is it? I could get this in Chicago or even New York." In the sense that, yes, there are hotels and palm trees and scantily clad bodies, but I've always felt, even in Belize, that a beach is a beach is a beach. It's all this thing that has to do with water and sand.

That said, the sand was very fine... we're in the tropics now so the water and the wind was certainly comfortable. And finally, we're not at "a beach in Chicago" but at the "seven-mile beach of the Cayman islands." The knowledge and the self-identification are what make all the difference. This is the argument that my friend Sean would have come up with, and today I'm disappointed he's not with us.

Most of us spent most of the morning swimming, although Amber and Clara wandered off into Georgetown for awhile. Later, though, Jess and Gemma went to Hell with me. It was great.

Kitchy tourist trap


Genuinely Fascinating Geologic Feature



Later, I then met up with Sumara (sans Noel and the kids) and we made a large order of Tortuga rum and brought it back to the ship. I'll let the other describe the cause and effect of this little trip, but suffice it to say this the queen's suite is larger than your average Chicago apartments, you'd be surprised how many people we could fit in a Chicago apartment.

Today we're en route to the Panama Canal, and I'm trying to find a way to get my work dowe without being a total loser. I've actually found a "preferred spot" in the Lido Bar, a table on the starboard side right alongside the window, and I've been able to grab it two of the three times I've been here. It's hard to write about the Michigan backwoods from a luxury cruise on the Caribbean sea, but I'm making do as best I can with coffee and whiskey and sugar-and-butter-on-an-English muffin (since Maply syrup and pancakes are out of the question). I figure if I make myself enough of a fixture here, they'll hold the table for me, and then I can say "step into my office" when a friend shows up.

Still, I'm going to take a break this afternoon to take tea with anyone who will join me, and from dinner on I intend to be a social creature. Which means I'd better get back to work for now...


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