Thursday, January 11, 2007

The promised list...

of "actory/artisticy/careery" kinda stuff I will aim to achieve while cruising....

Firstly, I love acting; you can be a complete nutcase and people call you "brave" and "a risk-taker". You can carry on like a porkchop and people just say you're a bit overwhelmed by your character. You can sit around all day just watching people and call it character research. Which brings me to point number one...

1. Character research! :) I have with me my very own *handy dandy notebook* in which I will describe the people I meet, note their mannerisms and speech patterns, try to figure out what's going on their heads, and maybe even write some stories about them. I already spend my life imitating various bits and pieces of people that I meet. It's just natural for me to "try on" other people's mannerisms and viewpoints, so for the next few months I shall refine that habit of mine into a fine art.

2. Accents. My grand plan is to meet people from different places, and get them talking. If I get friendly enough with anyone maybe I can even convince them to spend some time with me teaching me their accent. I'm already friends with exactly 7 american guinea pigs who I'm hoping will, well, just talk to me a lot and let me listen! And today I met a nice English couple whose kids my girls played with at the pool. I think they're from somewhere near Liverpool but their accent sounds a bit more London than Liverpool... I shall delve deeper next time we see them...

3. Writing. So often in the acting world there is the need.... a resolute and unyielding need (sorry, got Captain Jack on the brain today; we are in the Caribbean, dearie!) to create one's own work. That is, write something, organise some funding, put it together and hopefully earn some money and/or exposure. My problem with such things is that I've never been much of a writer. I tend to get a bit of an idea and then never quite figure out how to make the idea work. I'm not sure how much experience my Gothic Funkers have in writing for performance but hopefully they'll let me pick their brains a bit about writing techniques etc anyway. And I shall spend as much time as I can writing, writing, writing.

Okay well those are my three things to focus on. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of other ways for me to learn and enrich myself on this here boat (eerr, ship!) so I guess my general idea is to be watching and learning and taking whatever opportunities arise.

Meanwhile, we've had an awesome day so far today. At lunch, as soon as I sat down with the others they chorussed "yes, we're in the Caribbean now!" lol, I guess someone read this morning's post.

The girls had an absolute ball in the pool, as did Noel and I, although Noel got in trouble from a staff member for doing a "bomb" into the pool. Oops. Poor rich fuddy-duddies can't handle a bit of splashy water! What with that and Clara's weird clothing comments yesterday I think we're going to be shaking up the routine a bit round here.

Okay this was only going to be a short post and now I'm rambling again.

Oh one more thing, that family I met today told me there's an early "children's tea" available, which is SO good. They won't have to wait until they're starving and cranky at proper dinner time. Mind you we'll still have to take them to dinner with us of course, lacking the private nannies a couple of other families have! But at least they'll be happier with full bellies. :)


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Connor said...

"carry on like a porkchop"
Never heard that one before. :)

Anyway, Gemma acts and directs and I sorta majored in Playwriting in college. Also, I'm more than happy to teach you the Michigan accent with its famous "flat a":

That's sad and that's bad.
I can't stand that crap.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Gemma said...

Since when do I act? :>) But I write. And direct. And make puppets, not that that helps you with accents.


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