Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Miami is just like the movies!

Tee hee... well, some of the movies. The ones that feature cute old retired people and lots of wrinkled suntanned skin!

I left dinner early tonight because Tali and Bea were far too feral to stay at the table. Just as I predicted she would, Tali fell asleep the minute she got near her bed, but Bea is wide awake (she slept for 40 minutes in the van this arvo so she'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a while yet). She's presently gallopping her little toy horse and zebra around the computer tables.

Anyway, Gemma's written all about our day so there's not much to add to that... her grandmother is so cute and lovely! And thanks so much to Aunty Jan for driving us around!

Gemma missed the part in Fort Lauderdale where I chucked a bit of a paranoid tanty about the girls not having a proper harness in the shuttle van. I think everyone suddenly realised at that moment what a complete nutter I am! Anyway, the driver and the others reassured me that the girls would be safe and I calmed down... but I don't think they noticed how tightly I was holding on to Bea! For the rest of the day's driving I behaved myself... except for nagging Noel like crazy to hold onto Tali. Lunch was an experience -we've never had Cuban food before so I wanted to try everything. Bea and I loved it and ate heaps while Noel and Tali picked at their plates of food.

The girls LOVE Gemma; she seems to be naturally a very kid-friendly person. Tali especially just hung on her every word today. And they think Connor's pretty funny too.

Okay Bea's zebra is terrorising the poor computers now, so I shall take her for a walk and see if I can find the others.

I know I still haven't written down that list I promised of my "artistic/actory" goals for the trip. We are at se all day tomorrow so I promise I shall do it then.


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